Ján Skaličan: Eyewitness

Exhibition project /

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Kasha Potrohosh: Body scars

Music performance /

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Carmen Dobre-Hametner: Untitled

Study room project / photo installation /

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Tidalectics and curating the oceanic

Online lecture by Stefanie Hessler / Q & A with Borbála Soós /

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Objects of power and remediation: Health, ecology and museum collections

Online lecture by Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz / Q & A with Zuzana Jakalová /

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Anna Grusková: Ten Deer. Stories from the Bratislava Railway Station Neighborhood

Reading from the manuscript of the upcoming book /

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Francisco Huichaqueo Pérez: Kalül Trawün. An action out of tenderness to heal

Study room project /

From November 15, 2022 to January 27, 2023, study room screens the film Kalül Trawün – Reunion of the Body (2012, 24’) by the Mapuche-Chilean artist Francisco Huichaqueo Pérez. Alongside with the film we present the interview with the author taken by Natalia Cristofoletti Barrenha.

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an earshare / to cassay the earthcrust

Online artist talk with Rachel Pimm /

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mutual education format /

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