Dominika Moravčíková: Places of Encounter

Literary Residency within the Urban Imagination Seminar /

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A View from the Edge of a Pasture

International multidisciplinary symposium on ecological urban pastoralism co-organized by Kunsthalle Bratislava and /

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We Are All Emotional

Festival of performance art curated by and organized by Matter of Art in co-operation with Divadlo X10 /

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Grounding ~ Seeding

Exhibition project /

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Fellowships for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy 2022

CALL for APPLICATIONS now open until 18 April 2022 /

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We Have Never Been Strange

Discussion on performance, performativity and whether they are still alive. /

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D´epog: Farewell, here it comes again!

A performative intervention in the exhibition We've Never Been Closer /

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The exhibition EXPERIMENT won the Biela Kocka Award

Award of the Council of Galleries of Slovakia for an Independent Project in the Field of Gallery Activities in 2020 /

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Tunnel to Freedom and Prosperity: Side Effects of the Transition to Democracy

Discussion with Kristina Andělová and Marek Mikuš /

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An Artist Who Does Not Work for Free Is Not an Artist

Discussion with Mária Janušová, Anna Remešová, Miloš Vojtěchovský /

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mutual education format /

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