An Artist Who Does Not Work for Free Is Not an Artist

Discussion with Mária Janušová, Anna Remešová, Miloš Vojtěchovský /

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World Wide West: The advent of the internet in awakening democracies

Discussion with Keiko Sei, János Sugár and Ferenc Gróf /

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Dmitry Vilensky: The Art of Gift

lecture & discussion /

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A Turtle in Ten Seconds

Lecture by Rojda Tugrul /

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performance & residency output /

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Racism Told from the Perspective of Affected People

Lecture by İbrahim Arslan /

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Nature that Nobody Takes Cares of II

Guided Botanic Tour through Lido with J. A. Šturma /

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Old Lido II

The guided walk with architectural historian, Peter Szalay and human geographer Pavol Šuška /

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Entomologic Lido

commented tour with with Marek Semelbauer /

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mutual education format /

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Grounding ~ Seeding

Exhibition project /

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