River Ceremony / Listening to the Plants Symposium

Performance by Lucie Králíková at Karloveská zátoka

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October 14, 2023, 2.00 pm, tranzit
Karloveská zátoka, meeting point: Mark Twain bar
Event will be held in Czech.

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River Ceremony
The shady banks of the fertile floodplain are overgrown with a wild beds of nettles. The powerful river drives them out every year with new washed-up nutrients, so that in the spring they rise again as an army and with their quick leaves make the approach of intruders difficult. Nettles protect this rare place, where with a pebble bank - right next to the asphalt cycle path - they can still stop time, where in the summer songs are heard, fires are burning and wading through the blind arm of the Danube. People were not so conflicted about any of the plants. A tedious, unpleasant weed, a weed, and at the same time such a rare magical medicinal plant. In many European folk cultures, it was believed that this devilish vegetable can not be burned by frost or struck by lightning, that it has an incredible power to ward off evil. The nettle connected the world of the living and the dead and grew most often in places abandoned by people and next to fences - at the border of domestic space and foreign, dangerous territory. Today, we have almost lost the ancient knowledge and skills about it.

In autumn, the border between life and nature's slumber, a river ceremony will take place, an experience in which we will symbolically revive the ancient stories of the floodplain. Because places need to be taken care of not only physically, but also by carrying out ritual actions aimed at their spirit. Only in this way can the powers of dreams contained in them live on.

Lucie Králiková is a visual artist and landscape architect. In her work, she most often examines extinct celebrations and ceremonies, tries to update them and bring them back to the present in a new concept. She most often draws from botany, ethnology, history or eco-philosophy. Twelve years ago, she founded the artistic-ecological platform Ephemer, which focuses on the landscape, plants, their symbolism and role in traditional culture. Ephemera is variable, it can take the form of a ceremony, a celebration, a pilgrimage, an installation or a text (for example, the book of the Sacraments, wanderlust: Heimat).


Event is part of the Listening to the Plants Symposium curated by Judit Angel and Lýdia Pribišová, organized by within the Art Connected 2023 subprogram and Kunsthalle Bratislava, within the framework of A Plant programme.


ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit.

Supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council.

Project has been kindly supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava, Brazilian Embassy in Bratislava, Faculty of Pharmacy UK, IGR Bratislava, Slovak Pharmaceutical Students' Association.

Media partners:, Flash Art CZ & SK, Kapitál,

Credits: Peter Grznár

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