Cultural and Political Projections on Ornamental Flowers / Listening to the Plants Symposium

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October 13, 2023, 6.45 pm, tranzit
Event will be held in Czech.

Cultural and Political Projections on Ornamental Flowers
Barbora Lungová will talk about her projects which focus on the role that plants and related activities play in community remediation. The collaborative project Searching for the Faith of Šlapanice worked with community memory, aesthetic reappreciation and the deconstruction of conventional gardening exhibition canons of decorative plants, namely the nearly lost varieties of Šlapanice garden chrysanthemums bred in post-war Czechoslovakia by Jan Dvořák.

Another project focuses on the publicly accessible garden Barbora created near her hometown of Kyjov in 2020, which hosts a still-growing collection of garden irises arranged in flower beds according to themes or even poems. Each iris variety has a name which often reflects cultural, gender, or sexual stereotypes, with the garden as such being dedicated to queerness. The third project, realized in collaboration with a larger team of art graduates and students, and social anthropologists, deals with spontaneous street gardening in Brno, which views garden plants as “healers” of urban public space.

Barbora Lungová is an artist, gardener, and environmental caretaker based in Brno and Kyjov, Czech Republic. She teaches courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology which, among other topics, focus on feminist and queer issues and environmental art. Her recent collaborative project includes the book and exhibition both entitled Searching for the Faith of Šlapanice on garden chrysanthemums and flowers in the cultural imaginary. Other projects include artistic research on guerilla gardening in Brno and a long-term commitment to create a Rainbow Garden dedicated to queerness, the deconstruction of cultural stereotypes projected onto plants, and to irises and biodiversity.


Event is part of the Listening to the Plants Symposium curated by Judit Angel and Lýdia Pribišová, organized by within the Art Connected 2023 subprogram and Kunsthalle Bratislava, within the framework of A Plant programme.


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