Book Release: Urban Development for Whom? Bratislava Lido between Vague Terrain and the Expansion of the Center.

Book Release and a guided walk through Lido led by some of the authors of the book.

June 4, 2024
Beginning at 6:00 p.m. at Mýtny domček (the Toll House) on the Petržalska side of the Old Bridge

The introduction will feature a guided walk through Lido led by some of the authors of the book.
The book may be purchased at a discount at the event.

Can we even imagine an urban development policy that not only reflects the interests of the most influential players, but the right to the city from the perspectives of different social groups and non-human actors?

Between the Starý and Prístavný most bridges in the Bratislava borough of Petržalka, lies a rare, virtually undeveloped area for which the name Lido has been adopted. In the near future, this dense island of greenery and coolness on the banks of the Danube is expected to give way to a modern "downtown" which apparently must expand from the opposite bank of the Danube, so that financially valuable land does not remain idle.

The book Mestský rozvoj pre koho? Bratislavské Lido medzi vágnym terénom a expanziou centra (Urban Development for Whom? Bratislava Lido between Vague Terrain and the Expansion of the Center) seeks to question this "iron logic" and to think differently about the city and its development. The publication is the result of the findings and knowledge of seventeen experts in the field of natural sciences and humanities who devoted themselves to detailed scientific research of the place, but also to an analysis of greater Bratislava and global contexts. The book also features a set of visual materials showing Lido past and present and its free artistic interpretations.

To some, such a view may seem radical - or utopian. But it is becoming more and more evident that if we want to have at least some hope of managing the climate crisis, and if we don't want to have the remnants of our collective property and competences taken away, we must develop this type of imagination, this kind of radical thinking. And to stubbornly insist that developer realism is not the only possible version of urban development.

The publication is based on the concept of the initiative developed by Eliška Mazalanová, Ivana Rumanová, and Peter Szalay in cooperation with the Department of Architecture of the Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Oddelením architektúry, HÚ SAV).

The scientific and artistic texts were written by: Monika Bočková, Petra Červená, T.J.Demos, Juraj Holec, Brian Holmes, Mikuláš Huba, Ján Kralovič, Zuzana Kusá, Ján Madarás, Eliška Mazalanová, Dominika Moravčíková, Soňa Nuhlíčková, Ivana Rumanová, Marek Semelbauer, Peter Szalay, Jan Albert Šturma, Pavel Šuška, Rossella Tricarico, Vojtěch Vomáčka

The photo series of contemporary Lido was created by: Andrea Kalinová

The visual works were created by: Šimon Chovan, Katarína Škamlová

Graphic design: David Kalata

Maps and diagrams: Ján Výbošťok & David Kalata

The photographic documentation also includes photos by Braňo Bibel & Ján Svetlík

The historical pictorial material is from the collections of Anton Šmotlák, Ladislav Kálmán, through the portal and others.


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The project has been supported by public funds provided by the Slovak Arts Council and the Bratislava City Foundation. This publication reflects the views of the authors; neither the Council nor the Foundation takes responsibility for the information contained therein.

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Urban development for whom? Lido in Bratislava: between terrain vague and downtown expansion