Rooting Studies / Listening to the Plants Symposium

Workshop with Daniela Brasil

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October 13, 2023, 4.30 pm, tranzit
Event will be held in English.

Rooting studies
This workshop is a poetic and self-reflexive inquiry into how human beings deal with rooting processes. Humans tend to see their roots as fixed and attached to a place, like awkward political administrative organizations such as nation-states. However, like plants, human roots are sensitive to the type and conditions of the soils and climate zones of their birthplace as much as to the territories they live in. Human roots can grow towards the nurturing sources and the relations they find on their way.

On Friday, October 13th, the roots of different plants will be available at tranzit sk for participants to explore during a blind exercise by using their fingers. Through drawings and texts, the group will share their descriptions of the rooting processes, creating a collective underground cartography.

On Saturday, October 14th, the workshop participants will walk through the Botanical Garden to observe and learn on site from the plants we identify with, while reflecting on the types of roots they have.

Daniela Brasil is an artist, activist, curator, educator, and researcher. She grew up in a concrete jungle on the shores of the Atlantic and lived in various bioregions until she moved to Graz in 2010. She studied Architecture and Urbanism in Rio de Janeiro, Environmental Urban Design in Lisbon and Barcelona, Social Sculpture in Oxford, and received her MFA and PhD in Artistic Strategies for Public Participation at Bauhaus University Weimar. She is currently a curator at the Graz Museum, and a member of the Daily Rhythms Collective and the Ecoversities Alliance. Her work is diverse and takes the form of installations, spaces of encounters, performances, texts, and story-telling. She is mostly interested in co-creation, transformative learning processes that value the pluriverse.


Event is part of the Listening to the Plants Symposium curated by Judit Angel and Lýdia Pribišová, organized by within the Art Connected 2023 subprogram and Kunsthalle Bratislava, within the framework of A Plant programme.


ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit.

Supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council.

Project has been kindly supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava, Brazilian Embassy in Bratislava, Faculty of Pharmacy UK, IGR Bratislava, Slovak Pharmaceutical Students' Association.

Media partners:, Flash Art CZ & SK, Kapitál,

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