bodies of knowledge

workshop & artist talk by Sarah Vanhee

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STUDIO 12, Jakubovo nám. 12, Bratislava

Workshop and artist talk will be in English.

3:00 – 4:30 pm bodies of knowledge. Workshop

6:00 – 8.00 pm Making Worlds. Artist Talk

Participation is free of charge. To participate in the workshop, please register at by June 13th.

No registration needed for the Artist Talk (max. capacity 30 visitors).

In the registration please briefly describe your field of interest.


bodies of knowledge. Workshop
3 pm – 4:30 pm

The workshop departs from the experience provided by bodies of knowledge (BOK), a nomadic classroom, shared amongst co-learners, that can be found in different public spaces in the city of Brussels. A public program is proposed, composed of and by different “bodies of knowledge” living in the area.

BOK functions as a platform, a meeting space and a tool. BOK is a place for the exchange of non-dominant, underexposed and/or suppressed knowledge. BOK is a multi-linguistic and transcultural place with a poly-centric world view and alternative, embodied learning as connective tissue. In BOK participants try to speak from positions they are maybe not necessarily used to speak from and try to subvert the usual order in which voices are heard.
During this workshop, we are invited to reflect on questions regarding learning, listening, knowledge, and share some tools and methods we developed to facilitate knowledge exchange.

Making Worlds. Artist talk
6 pm – 8 pm

In this talk I would like to share some specific dimensions of my artistic practice, through focussing on some examples created both inside and outside the art institution.

To me, art and fictions are means through which we can transform ourselves and propose radical imaginations to society. Through different, ever-changing formats, I attempt to open different worlds inside what we call “reality”. I will speak about how I use art to do what I do in life. I’ll talk about my work as a series of interventions, fiction as a way to tell the truth, theatre as a way to re-shape worlds, and art as a frame to listen to voices that are not often heard.

Sarah Vanhee (1980, Oostende, Belgium)

Sarah Vanhee is an artist, performer and author. Her interdisciplinary work travels in between public space and institutional art field. She worked in prisons, private living rooms, open fields, theatres, on public canvases, in corporate meeting rooms, etc. Recent works include amongst others bodies of knowledge (nomadic classroom), undercurrents (intervention), collected screams (lecture-performance), Unforetold (stage performance), The Making of Justice (film), Oblivion (stage performance), Untitled (meetings in private houses), Lecture For Every One (series of intrusions).

Event is part of the What a Body Can Do series initiated by Juraj Mydla in cooperation with

ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Sarah Vahee: Oblivion. © Phile Depre

What a body can do

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