What a body can do

research cycle on performativity

What a body can do is a series of lectures, workshops and other events focused on collective learning about performance.

Performance has many definitions. For example, it can mean acting in front of an audience or acting according to a script. The body, here and now, becomes the center of attention. Such performances include not only theatre, concert and dance, but also sport events, meditation, or even protest, and we can trace its roots back to rituals, ceremonies, festivities.

Viewed from a broader perspective, performance can act as a lens through which we observe human behavior. Performance can also be the everyday acting out of a habit, performing various professional, gender, racial, class and other roles. However, everyday social behavior need not only serve to maintain the status quo. There is a space to act “differently”, to participate in creating new roles and identities. The social order in this notion is not a stable structure, but a dynamic system that constructs the bodies that in turn form the system itself.

In a series of regular events, we will look at performativity from different theoretical and practical perspectives. We will explore the relationship between artistic performance and “everyday life” as well as the relationships and differences between different types of performance. Our goal will be to deepen sensitivity in recognizing how we collectively and individually move through the world, construct identities and build communities, and how performativity, in its various forms, can be used as a means of individual and social change.

Monday October 28th, 20.00, A4, Bratislava

The series will begin as a collaboration with the Drama Queer festival, which is showing the performance Tumor - carcinogenic romance by T.I.T.S. company. The performance will be followed up by a discussion with the artists Nela H. Kornetová and Jaro Viňarský.

Tumor – a carcinogenic romance is a sensual play connecting movement, visuals and words. The topic is cancer and its expressions – not only on the somatic but mental, social and spiritual level. T.I.T.S. examines the relation between tumor and our society based on the claim that each age of history has its own illness. More info here.

The series has been initiated by Juraj Mydla in collaboration with

ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit.

T.I.T.S.: Tumor – a carcinogenic romance

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