Workshop with Zdenka Podhorská and Katka Gazdíková

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February 19, 2020, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.,, Beskydská 12, Bratislava

Being mindful means, among others, to be in connection with the direct experience of the present moment. Here and now, with openness, curiosity and free of judgment. The aim of this course is to show participants why it is beneficial to live mindfully, how specifically one can do it, and how mindfulness may help in handling stress and difficult situations. This course is interactive and applies the methods of experiential learning which is based on the principle of living through a specific experience and subsequently reflecting on it. We have tried to make the course playful and diverse, but also to include a sufficient amount of theory.

What can participants learn at the Mindfulness Course?
• To understand autopilot and its alternatives.
• The deal constructively with stressful thoughts and/or difficult feelings.
• To become acquainted with a selection of mindfulness tools for everyday life.

Zdenka Podhorská has worked for 10 years as an instructor and lecturer of experiential pedagogy at the Plusko Youth Organization. She has also worked as a trainer, lecturer and manager in various sectors. She enjoys working with people, especially young people, teachers and youth workers. The topic of mindfulness entered her life very practically, through small tools which she has been using and have helped her. This inspired her to study this topic in a greater depth.

Katka Gazdíková works for the DofE organization. Two years ago, she decided to apply her years of experience from working with people in supranational organizations to her activities in DofE, which provides a development program for young people and gives them a chance to develop their abilities, to fulfill their potential and to help them to become successful in life. She also works as coach and trainer with the mission to inspire others and to be an initiator of positive change.

Event is part of the Hidden Curriculum exhibition and will be held in Slovak language.

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