Advisory Circle: Hidden Curriculum in Our Lives

alternative education method with Jana Randa and Helena Kosková

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Monday February 3, 2020 from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.,, Beskydská 12

Which habits, messages, experiences imprinted in us by the hidden curriculum of educational institutions have we been exposed to? What do we need it for? Which of its fragments are beneficial and which are detrimental? How does it form our lives? Are we aware of it? What does it bring us and how does it limit us? Can we be liberated from these habits? Do we pass them on as partners, friends, parents, teachers, students?

We will use the advisory circle method at our course. Since ancient times and in many cultures, sharing in a circle has been a simple and powerful tool to awaken collective wisdom and learning from each other through personal stories and experience, authentic self-expression and attentive listening.

Due to space constraints we would like to ask you to register by February 2 at the following address:
If you would like to have time to view the exhibition before the program begins, please arrive at least 30 minutes earlier.

The advisory circle will be facilitated by:

Jana Randa
Jana works for the Research Institute of Children’s Psychology and Parapsychology. As a lecturer and facilitator, she works for Iuventa, Člověka v tísni (Man in Need), Interkulturelles Zentrum and the Council of Europe. Recently she has worked at the local level for the Žilina initiative ZAintegro – which works with children and parents from excluded locations and with the schools and teachers, who work with them.
She became acquainted with advisory circles in 2013 and since then she has used them in various contexts, such as family advisory circles, team meetings of pedagogical groups, teacher training, and interventions in cases of bullying in schools.

Helena Kosková
She works with adult education, the facilitation of group processes and advisory circles, travelling around the country and moderating traditional holidays and contemporary rituals within the Natural Spirit platform. She completed her studies of sociology and social work as well as the Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor psychotherapeutic training course and worked in the field of social work and the education of young people from disadvantaged environments. She also worked as a lecturer for informal EU educational programs for 12 years. She draws inspiration from observations of natural cycles during journeys and in gardens and from listening to the stories told in advisory circles.

Event is part of the Hidden Curriculum exhibition and will be held in Slovak and Czech language.

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