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tranzit workshops, Studena 12, Bratislava, SK

a project of the group XYZ (Matej Gavula & Milan Tittel, SK)

"... connecting via radio waves, broadcasting of phonoletters, projections, installations ...".

The project takes place in the frame of the festival Multiplace.

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Massimiliano Gioni: Research trip to Bratislava

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2 days research trip of the Italian curator of the young generation, artistic director of Trussardi Foundation Milan, member of curatorial teams of Dakis Foundation, Manifesta 5, Berlin Biennale 2006, Wrong Gallery NYC, magazine Charley...

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Clementine Deliss: On Metronome and Conceptual Intimacy

lecture & exhibition /


tranzit workshops, Studena 12, Bratislava, SK

Clémentine Deliss, critic, curator, anthropologist, etnologist, pedagogue

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Július Koller: Marec, poberáš sa starec?

exhibition/project /


at tranzit workshops, Studena 12, Bratislava

so far the biggest exhibition of UFOnaut Julius Koller here and in close universe: paintings, performances, installations, videosreconstruction site.

Why people do not visit galleries 2

lecture & discussion /

tranzit workhops, Studena 12, Bratislava

The 2nd in the series of panels on the context of institutional interaction with public, this time on reflexion of arts in periodicals.

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project with:
Badreldin Rashid, at | Baffi David, sk | Bartošová Andrea, sk | Bodorová Mária, sk | Bošanská Petra, sk | Czinege Michal, sk | Hanvald David, cz | Mrvová Juliana, sk | Mulabegovič Amar, cz | Oliwa Margareta, at | Sedlák Martin, sk | Šille Erik, sk - students of art academies from Bratislava, Prague and Vienna

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Kathrin Rhomberg and Igor Zabel

lecture & discussion /

03.12.2004, 5 p.m.

tranzit dielne/workshops, Studena 12, Bratislava

Kathrin Rhomberg (at/de), director of Kölnischer Kunstverein: IN THE SPACES OF SHOW BET ON THAT, YOU...

Igor Zabel (si), curator and critic, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana: ...CURATORIAL PRACTICE IN THE FRAME / OUT OF FRAME OF INSTITUTIONAL CREATIVITY...

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Foucaultove slová o veciach

lecture & discussion /

29.11.2004 - 01.12.2004 | všmu | ffuk
invite you to the workshop

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CHALLENGE, Better Bet on that You ...

exhibition /

26.11.2004-9.1.2005, space - Galeria Priestor for contemporary arts, Galeria Jana Koniarka and Dudas for contemporary arts invite you to the openings of 2 exhibitions:

Synagoga – Centrum Sucasneho Umenia, Halenarska ul., Trnava
Opening: 25.11.2004, 18:00 – 19:30

2.) TOMU VER, TY .....
tranzit dielne, Studena 12, Bratislava (Zlate Piesky - za Soravia shopping palace)
Opening: 25.11.2004, 21:00 -

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René Block: Balkan and Others

lecture & discussion /

21.10.2004, 4 p.m.
Vysoká škola výtvarných umení, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 17, Bratislava, room 135, 1st floor

René Block, director of Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, speaks about Balkan and Others

afterwards screening of the unique film of the Bulgarian documentary-maker Adela Peeva: Whose is this Song? (2003, Camera: Joro Nedelkov, produced by: Slobodan Milovanovich, Paul Pauwels, 70 min.)

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Robert Fleck and Thomas Hirschhorn

lecture & discussion / screening /

19.06.2004, 3 p.m.
Nulty priestor a4, Burundi (ex v-klub), Nam. snp 12, Bratislava

Robert Fleck (at/f/de), director of Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
Thomas Hirschhorn (ch/f), artist, paris

with a screening of: Thomas Hirschhorn, Video-Documentation 1993-2003, 35 min.

language: english / slovak
entrance free

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Catherine David and Mária Hlavajová

lecture & discussion /

20.05.2004, 3 p.m.
Vysoká škola výtvarných umení, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 17,
Bratislava, room 135, 1st floor

Catherine David (f/nl), Witte de With, Rotterdam
Mária Hlavajová (sk/nl), Basis voor actuelle kunst, Utrecht


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Towards other possible artworlds

Lectures, discussion forums, screenings /

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ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit:

ERSTE Stiftung