Along with artists such as Roman Ondák, Boris Ondreička and Denisa Lahocká, Cyril Blažo is part of a younger generation of post-conceptual artists, who, over the last decade, have been definitive for an extremely lively and aspiring scene in Slovakia. Cyril Blažo’s art is an art of secondary systems – as the critic Vlado Beskid puts it: It reaps what it did not sow. Blažo avails himself of a broad spectrum of artistic forms of expression: collage; cut-out; various techniques of printing and copying; as well as the classical media of painting and drawing. Blažos’s conceptions are never a creation out of nothing; they are rather permeated with the societal pool of our visual
archives and medial semantics before congealing into a newly arranged order of images. They pick up on established material, translate the non-relational into new relations, manipulate found imagery with minimal interference and additions, or are satisfied with a mere enlargement or turn of an existing image. On the whole, Cyril Blažo pursues in his work a micro-politics of minimal aesthetic interventions, wrestling back from the stereotypical hallmark of the media the laughing third party’s ethical space of freedom. In cooperation with tranzit.sk Kunstverein München presents Cyril Blažo’s first extensive solo show combining works from the last 15 years.

There were lectures dealing with contextualization of Bratislava and Czechoslovakia / Slovakia with Vít Havránek, Boris Ondreička, Mária Rišková, Laco Teren and others organized by tranzit.sk in the frame of the exhibition.


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