Hanna Rullmann and Faiza Ahmad Khan: Habitat 2190

Online screening

Habitat 2190, 16'39'' (2019) by Hanna Rullmann and Faiza Ahmad Khan.

Online screening as part of Ecologies of the Ghost Landscape, the Word for World is Forest curated by Borbála Soós.

Link available until 13 May here.

Hanna Rullman is a London-based researcher and designer, developing a practice around questions of conservation, environmental policy, border ecologies and legal/political production of natures. Faiza Ahmad Khan is an award-winning Indian documentary filmmaker and activist based in Mumbai. They both graduated with an MA from the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College in 2018.

Rullman and Khan produced the short film Habitat 2190 (16'39'') in 2019, following the construction of the nature reserve Fort Vert at the site of former migrant camp “The Jungle” in Calais, France. The project addresses the ways in which an imagination of nature is weaponised in the governing of borders, interrogating the intersecting mobilities, rights and co-existence of human and non-human life. It charts complex discussions around how nature and the protection of rare species is regarded as an opportunity to make claims over a territory, and juxtaposes the value placed in the protection of other species against the lack of care for certain groups of humans in vulnerable positions.

Habitat 2190 was commissioned by the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA) as part of the exhibition “Fragile Earth: seeds, weeds, plastic crust”, 2019. Supported by the Elephant Trust.

ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


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