Kasha Potrohosh: Body scars

Music performance

February 24th, 6 p.m.

It’s February 2023 and the conflict in Ukraine continues to rage. Once again, we would like to express our solidarity with all Ukrainians and everyone affected by this terrible war. We have given artist Kasha Potrohosh space to express in her performance all of her emotions and experiences as well as those of her family and friends, and to recall not only the disgusting war crimes, which many of us have read about, but which have faded in our minds with time, but the moments of solidarity and bravery of the Ukrainian people. Please join us in our symbolic expression of continuing support.

"Performance is a synthesis of her two major projects, Unstable and Becoming a Witch.
Themes: subtle escapism and immersion, delving into ancestors, roots, cultural codes, and an activist‘s reaction to violence against civilians in one’s homeland.

A radical liturgy (aesthetically sacralized and a therapeutic, slow performance), where in a methodical and ritualistic way I will shift to the materialization of pain from cases of women raped by Russian soldiers.

Polarity in one‘s native land, where endless pain and therapy and gratitude from life work function ambivalently.

Marking the body with blood as a piece of bodily matter that changes its status from a woman's role in the family and in society to a sexual victim, without background, just a number in the statistics."

Kasha Potrohosh

Kasha Potrohosh is a Ukrainian artist who is currently based and studying intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Her work, which focuses on intermedia, covers a broad spectrum of activities and projects. In addition to her solo work, she has been an active member of the MAPSN performance group. The topics that Kasha explores touch upon the subjective experience of gender roles, self therapy as well as reflections of broader social, feminist, environmental topics. The medium she frequently employs textile as a camouflage or a reflection of social masking.
Utilizing various media, Kasha‘s art is context- and situation specific. She often works with music, textiles, and natural materials, including the viewer. Her art is subtle, intimate and at the same time critical of power structures and toxic manipulation. It is important for her to have a caring approach to the audience during interactions, and sometimes sharply criticizing violence, she assumes the role of the victim, and takes on her (and the victim's) burden.

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DARKRITUAL pre T3 - kultúrny prostriedok, photo: Martin Lettava, 2023