Eco-somatic Practices / Performing Decolonial Ecologies

Workshop by Amanda Piña

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July 15, 2022, 3 – 5 pm,

This workshop proposes dances and somatic practices as forms of knowing through identification and embodiment. This type of ancestral knowledge – historically devalued in relation to rational knowledge– is activated to experience and get to know other bodies within the Western category of ‘nature’. Bodies of mountains, glaciers, estuaries, rivers, sources of water, wetlands and others are brought into dance. Through a process of Invocation, spirits are also invited to join in.

Embodiment is proposed here as a key factor to sense/think other forms of knowledge and relating with the living world, which can go beyond the binary categories which have historically contibuted to the objectification and destruction of Earth.

Duration: 2 hours

Directed towards visual artists, dancers and performers; as well as visual arts, dance and performance students; and we also welcome the general public.

The workshop will be conducted in English and is free of charge.
To participate, please contact us at
The deadline for registering is July 12, 2022.
The number of places is limited.

Amanda Piña is a Chilean-Mexican-Austrian artist living in Vienna and Mexico City. Her work is concerned with the decolonization of art, focusing on the political and social power of movement, temporarily dismantling ideological separations between contemporary and traditional, human and animal, nature and culture. Her work has been presented in institutions such as Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain Paris, Kunsthalle Wien and MUMOK Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, Kunsten Festival des Arts Brussels, Royal Festival Hall London, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico and Festival Santiago a Mil, Chile. She is a research fellow at the department of Theatre, Dance and Performance at Amsterdam University of the Arts.

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