Susedenie na Šanci (#1)

discussion and planning of future activities in the neighbourhood

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June 28, 2018 at 6pm, Beskyská 12, Bratislava

Dominika Belanská, Mads Floor Andersen

The event will be conducted in Slovak and English.

Susedenie na Šanci (#1) is part of’s exhibition Start and Finish.

ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit.

This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council.

Susedenie na Šanci (#1) invites you to actively investigate future activities which can strengthen the relationships in the neighbourhood around Šancová street. Based on reflection on the Nomadic Arts Festival at the meeting in May at tranzit/sk, this event will continue the conversation on possibilities of further active collaborations of neighbours and other users of the public space. We will address the following topics:

Who and how can have an impact on the future of the neighbourhood?

In what way can we further support the connections in the neighbourhood? (Small or big events? What can be done in the realm of the everyday...?)

How are the neighbourhood’s needs and activities related to the work of the local municipality and strategic planning?

The event will be an active debate between neighbours, facilitated by Dominika Belanská and Mads Floor Andersen in both Slovak and English, with the aim of being the first event of many to spark further activities and creative debates in the neighbourhood.

​Johannes Deimling, and the band played on, performance, 2016. Photo: Mercedes Ortego.

START AND FINISH. Reflecting on Project-based Culture