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03.06.2003, 8.30 p.m.
Café Spojka, Prešernova 4, Bratislava

Awarding of one reaserch grant and two creative grants in the context of the opening of Československo.

What do you want to do tomorrow?
We have decided to support potentials - it means visions, perspectives, which should consequently generate progressive impact on local artistic community. We have decided to concentrate on individual movements, needs and on personal contributions. One of those things directly reflecting the inside are dreams, desires. That`s why we`ve asked nominees to write their radical conceptions of tomorrow in relation to their personal (professional, spiritual...) ideas. We have decided to collect desires and utopias to comprehend and describe the area and era we live in. We have decided to collect desires and utopias which should navigate future directions of

The Grant
The members of citizen association Miroslav Marcelli, Laco Teren, Viera Jančeková, managed by Boris Ondreička and the invited theorist Lucia Gavulová - selected the following nominees for grants 2003. Each grant recipient will get 3.000,- Eur as a support for personal / professional development after individual consideration and will.
The International Jury consisting of Catherine David (director of Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL), Mária Hlavajová (tranzit program director, artistic director of BAK, Utrecht, NL), Kathrin Rhomberg (tranzit program director, director of the Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, G) and Jiří evčík (indepedant curator, critic, vice director of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, CZ) will select always 1 theorist, critic, curator... for the research grant 2003 and 2 artists (groups of artists) for creative grant 2003. grants` 2003
1 research grant for theorists, critics, curators...

3 nominees:
Marcela Lukáčová
Ivana Moncoľová
Mária Rišková

2 creative grants for artists
5 nominees:
Cyril Blažo
Ivan & Juraj Dudáš
Milan Mikula
Michal Moravčík
Milan Tittel