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Lectures and open discussion forum on feminist instituting in the arts

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16 May, 2024, 5 pm
Lectures: Tereza Stejskalová (CZ), Lucy Lopez (UK)

Barbora Komarová /, Barbora Nemčeková / Kapitál, representatives of organizations from Slovakia that are part of the Feminist (artistic) institution initiative will also participate in the open discussion forum.

The event will be held in English.

What are the principles of an artistic organization that is attentive not only to the outside but also to the inside and what are the rules that apply to it? An organization which, in addition to creating its program, devotes similar care to the processes and people who create it; does it value creative and productive work as much as reproductive and maintenance work? What is a slow, caring and feminist art institution? And is it possible to apply these ideals in the current setting of artistic production and under limited financial conditions?

The event is dedicated to institutional and curatorial practices reflecting artistic operations and art institutions from a feminist perspective based on principles such as mutual care, interdependence, horizontality and the success of all participants. These feminist practices emphasize and prioritize ethical standpoints still unusual for the art world, while reevaluating the basic principles of the art world, its functioning and ways of working. The lectures and presentations will address the above-mentioned terms and concepts together with examples of current practice. During the open discussion forum with representatives of these feminist institutions and members of the audience, we will then discuss and share our thoughts, practical experience and suggestions on how these principles can be used or better applied under our conditions.

Dr Lucy Lopez is an interdependent curator and writer. Currently she is Curator of Radar, a programme of commissions connecting to academic research at Loughborough University, UK, where she is developing the programme Rehearsals (for a world we could live in). She recently completed her doctoral research Instituting with Care: how might art institutions care well? and is currently working towards a publication and event series disseminating this work, which examines what it would mean to put practices of care at the forefront of institutional and infrastructural thinking. She is curator of the long-term project Get Well Soon, which had its first iteration in the form of an exhibition at Ormston House, Limerick, in 2023. Together with Alba Colomo, she is co-founder of la Sala, a small ecofeminist art organisation and growing space in Nottingham, UK. Her work draws on feminisms, practices of care, instituting, and the politics of work. She has curated exhibitions for organisations including Grand Union, Eastside Projects, and BALTIC, and she was previously Curator of Exhibitions and Research at BAK – basis voor actuele kunst. In 2014 she co-founded the London-based art organisation Jupiter Woods. She has lectured, taught, and published internationally.

Tereza Stejskalová is a curator and researcher based in Prague, Czech Republic. She is the director of and a co-founder of the Biennale Matter of Art. During 2018-2022 she worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She collaborated on many exhibitions and projects all around Europe. In 2017, she initiated a seminar that led to the creation of Feminist (Art) Institution, a coalition of cultural institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia operating on the basis of a code of practice. She publishes texts in academic and non-academic journals and is an editor of several publications, including Who Is an Artist? (with Barbora Kleinhamplová, 2014), Smrt umělce, ať žijí pomocnice! (2023).


Event is part of the Towards other possible artworlds program curated by Judit Angel and Eliška Mazalanová.


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