Staying with the Unstable


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October 27, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.

Guest of the exhibition and performer: Tomáš Janypka
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Solidity is one of the basic states of matter. In reality however, if we take a closer look at the particle level, we can see that everything loses its sharply defined edges. Nothing solid exists, there is only the word “solid” which we use to name things that appear that way to us. When we touch an object we feel pressure. In reality however, we are never in
contact with what we touch. A microscopic gap remains between us and the object.
Paradoxically, we experience this distance as touch. Matter is energy that is always evolving, active, at times, incalculable. What can we learn from matter?

We seek for ways of interaction which take into consideration the duration and lifespan of objects.

What if what we want to grasp cannot be grasped?

How do we cultivate an understanding for something that is impermanent?

Tomáš Janypka (* 1989) is an author and performer who works in the fields of physical theatre, dance and contemporary clownery. He studied physical theatre at JAMU in Brno (2013-2016). In the following performances he explores and records intimate human events: the solo performance Nové Sady created with Martin Hodon, the trio performance Effortless Land with Jazmína Piktorová and Viktor Černický, and Song Lines: expedition 97/18 in dialogue with Sabina Bočková. He also collaborates on the Guides Festival during the Kiosk Festival, Jaro Viňarský’s research entitled The Touch of The Open and the IMMEDIATUS project series of instant composition nights organized together with Roberta Legros Štěpánková.


ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit.

Project was supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council in the form of scholarship.

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