Solstice / Equinox

Artist talk with Alicja Wysocka

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June 29, 2023 at 6 p.m.
Online talk, Facebook live

In her artist talk, Alicja Wysocka will present her Solstice / Equinox cycle, which since 2018 has had four editions. Similar to her series Lamentations, shown in the Listening to the Waterfalls of the Sun exhibition, this project is also re-examining Slavic mythology and rituals (related to season change) but through a collaborative process. Wysocka works together with the Rural Women Circle from Nowogród, Poland. Through performances, events, collaborative crafts making (traditional harvest wreath, macramé, etc) and moving image, the artist develops a long-term participatory project with the inhabitants, and from this process a new, contemporary ritual emerges. During her talk, Wysocka will discuss their collaboration and working method as well as the importance of revisiting Slavic mythology in present times.

Alicja Wysocka (b. 1985, Rybnik, Poland, currently lives and works in Maastricht, The Netherlands) revisits past rituals related to our environment and explores the ways they shape certain communities while creating a sense of belonging. Drawing inspiration from Slavic folklore and pagan traditions, her practice often includes performative elements. In her most recent research, she explores rituals in which water has an important role.


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Supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council.

The project has been kindly supported by the Polish Institute in Bratislava.

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Photo by Ola Bydlowska

Listening to the waterfalls of the sun*