Fernando García-Dory: Razing Arcadia and grazing amongst the ruins

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Thursday, 12 May 2022, 7 pm

The lecture will be accessible via live stream on‘s Facebook page. It will be conducted in English.

Razing Arcadia and grazing amongst the ruins is the title that came to mind when thinking about the absent minded activity of watching our sheep and cows in the fields, thinking about them as a sort of a time travel vessel. Holding on to them, as Odysseus did, one can traverse eras and question the logic of progress and growth as well as the bucolic approach of the separated viewer, either the romantic artist or the re-wilding advocate scientist. Looking at animals, kinship and mutualism as a form to re-invent forms of human habitat. (Fernando García-Dory)

Fernando García-Dory´s work touches on the relationship between culture and nature now, as manifested in multiple contexts, from the land and the countryside, to desires and expectations concerned with identity, through (global) crisis, utopia and the potential for social change. He studied Fine Arts and Rural Sociology, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Agroecology. In keeping with his interest in the harmonious complexity of biological forms and processes, his work addresses connections and cooperation, from microorganisms to social systems, and from traditional art languages such as drawing to collaborative agroecological projects, actions and cooperatives.

The lecture is part of the public program of the international multidisciplinary symposium entitled A VIEW FROM THE EDGE OF A PASTURE curated by Edith Jeřábková and Denisa Langrová. The symposium is part of the year-round program entitled A Plant by Kunsthalle Bratislava curated by Lýdia Pribišová

The workshop and the lecture are part of the Art Connected 2022 – 2023 series initiated by

ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Photo: Fernando García Dory

A View from the Edge of a Pasture