Nadikhuno muzeumos / Invisible Museum. Perspectives on non-traditional Roma culture

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21 September 2020, Kino Úsmev Košice, Kasárenské námestie 1

Andrea Pócsik, Rodrigó Balogh: Lurking traces of memory in contemporary film and theater
Online lecture

Nadikhuno muzeumos / Invisible Museum
Book presentation, discussion

Silent Days
film screening


Andrea Pócsik, Rodrigó Balogh: Lurking traces of memory in contemporary film and theater
Online lecture (in Hungarian, simultaneously translated to Slovak)

In her lecture, film historian and cultural researcher Andrea Pócsik (Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Budapest) focuses on cinematographic works that seek to reshape or even destroy the uncritical, schematic image of the Roma present in mainstream thinking by evoking and using family memories or reinterpreting lesser-known cultural values.

Rodrigó Balogh (Independent Theater Hungary) is one of the defining figures of the Hungarian alternative theatre scene. In this lecture he presents the Roma Heroes Festival project, which since 2016 has been drawing attention to the consequences of invisibility and the persistence of stereotypes arising from a lack of awareness. The lecture discusses problems arising from the lack of institutionalisation of Roma theatre production, while it also addresses specific collaborations, such as working with the Roma digital archive of the Prešov Library.

Nadikhuno muzeumos
Book presentation, discussion (in Slovak)
Guests: Oto Hudec, Emília Rigová, Karolína Ryvolová. Moderated by Zuzana Reveszova

Invisible museum - a thought-provoking idea opens the discussion on the pillars that Roma culture can build upon today. The discussion involving the contributors to the book will focus on the potential of contemporary approaches to Roma art, literature, film, and other
forms of cultural expression. The examples from other cities and countries can inspire regional activities in the field of minority culture, together with its values and specificities.

Silent days
(r. Pavol Pekarčík, document / drama, SVK/ CZ, 2019, 81 min)

Four stories about hearing-impaired children from Roma settlements who inhabit an environment they cannot completely understand and dream their own world.

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Oto Hudec, Nadikhuno muzeumos / Invisible Museum, 2017.
Photo: Adam Šakový

Nadikhuno muzeumos

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