performative lecture by Erik Sikora

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"I’m going to give a lecture, and I’m not sure which material we’ll use. But if we’re not falling behind, I’ll play some songs as a reward. With my smartphone in my pocket I can take attendance anytime and anywhere. Btw, students don’t steal the class book anymore, they take the laptop. The classroom teacher’s laptop will be sealed, but a teacher who wants to be a bastard can fail students from any other laptop or smartphone." Lecture is a part of Hidden Curriculum exhibition.

In his interview for, Erik stated:
“I enjoy teaching so much that it also affects my artwork. The aesthetics of the lecture, methods of explaining, what to draw on the blackboard, how to convince students to believe me. When I’m teaching the craft of working with a film camera and photo camera at the secondary film school, I discreetly smuggle in the artistic, at least in the form of a basic package of an unstable view of the world.

On the other hand, at the university I enjoy the doctoral student’s duality of “being a student” and “being a teacher”. I get a rush from re-defining what I believe in during discussions and tutorials. It’s also beneficial for my artwork, because one doesn’t feel alone with his artistic questions, and good and bad luck. This definitely works in art schools, to bring together a bunch of people with artistic thinking, let them ferment together and define the generation; and it definitively makes more sense than leaving them alone somewhere in a corner feeling both exceptional and misunderstood. I passionately follow the debates about the models of artistic education, and I’m thrilled that the present ideas crush the featuring long held forms the relationship of a great master teacher and a stupid apprentice.”

Erik Sikora is a live performer, teacher, songwriter, video artist, youtuber and recent laureate of the Oskar Čepan Award. His work is a dissection of banality and everydayness in which he finds an almost alchemistic enchantment.

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