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Café Bratislava
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tranzit lecture
in the context of the exhibition Stadt in Sicht
curated by Anna Soucek and Henny Liebhart

Boris Ondreička - artist, executive director of, Bratislava
Vít Havránek - curator, executive director of, Prague
Ján Mančuška - artist, musician, Prague
Jesper Alvaer - artists, Oslo - Prague - ...

les band
acid-jazz duo performance consisting of ján mančuška (artist from prague) playing guitar and boris ondreička (artist from bratislava) singing, featuring from-time-to-time interventions of vít havránek, and vj interventions of jesper alvaer

tranzit intro
introduction of the work of tranzit

the house of stano filko
documentary video re. the house of stano filko (b. 1937), one of the most significant slovak artists of 20th... century turning his studio / archive house on the top of the hill of koliba in bratislava to the extraordinary piece of architecture
documentary shows first steps of research period in relation to the publishing of the book on the phenomenon of of stano filko and his house.

The Mobile Seminar
documentary video of project of Jesper Alvaer and a commented tour operated thrue the peripherical quarter of the city of Prague
it includes the analysis of the specialists about urban and sociological development of the surroundings of the Vltavska metro station, living conditions of birds in nearby bushes, an interview with a local gyros seller, testimony of the granddaughter of sculptor Otakar vec, creator of the Stalin monument on Letná, a commentated tour of the hotel Hilton, development perspectives in Karlín, etc.
mobile seminar took a place on 26 May in Prague and the participants has been transported by a bus, taxi, boat and have walked.