Filmový festival Augustína (Gusta) Dobrovodského vol. 2

Film Festival of Augustín (Gusto) Dobrovodský vol. 2

Second edition of the Film Festival of Augustín Gusto Dobrovodský is an event focused mainly on the youngest generation of film and video makers and independent creators working with film media.
As an introduction to the festival will be projected a film by Dušan Hanák, important filmmaker of the 60s that had a great influence not only on the filmmakers but also on the visual artists. The film titled “Prišiel k nám Old Shatterhand” speaks in an ironic way about opening of borders in the 60s and the arrival of foreigners to former Czechoslovakia.
Second part of the festival is a selection of the latest art and film projects made by young Slovak creators. The selection will be made by Jakub Viktorín, graduate of the department of production on the Academy of Performing Arts and ex-director on festival Ačko – Academy student festival.
A premiere of a film by the artist Zuzana Žabková (finished Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2012 in the Studio of Ilona Németh) shot this winter in tranzit. sk will open the student section.
The film festival will take place during the "1966 - 1972" Milan Tittel - Matej Gavula, Daniel Grúň, Miroslav Csolle exhibition.

An evening of screenings in collaboration with

& Paula Poštolková, Ema Teren

date: Friday 28 June from 8 pm

place: outside of tranzit dielne / workshops, Studená 12, Bratislava

shuttle bus from SNM at 19:30


Dušan Hanák “Prišiel k nám Old Shatterhand”

premiere of the film of Marek Valovčin & Zuzana Žabková "Miestnosť plná ľudí / Room full of People" inspired by work of Ján Mančuška and shot in

students film section:
2012/2013 : Katarína Hlinčíková, Roman Fabián, Johan Kolínský, Tomáš Rafaj, Daniel Dluhý, Maxym Melnyk, Michal Pusztay and more.