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Robert Cyprich (September 13, 1951 Levoča – October 14, 1996 Prague) was an unusual member of the Slovak neo-avant-garde scene. His life was intense, although in his final years his involvement in artistic activities dwindled. He died in 1996 at the age of forty-five.
He left behind poems, texts, drawings, concepts, scores, manifests, actions, and correspondence. The exhibition project entitled Experiment provides access to a segment of his estate preserved by Czech artist and curator Ján Mlčoch. It is not in any way a monographic presentation, but an attempt to highlight significant examples of his search for the meaning of artistic work in communication.

Extensive Situation is a parallel participative project of artists who interpret as well as update the legacy of Cyprich’s thoughts, and his artistic and theoretical concepts. Participating artists: Liza Gennart, Katarína Hládeková,Katarína Karafová & Michal Huštaty, Martin Toldy, Miroslav Tóth.

Besides the curatorial texts, the catalogue contains a detailed list of the exhibited works and an imaginary interview with Robert Cyprich, made up from citations from his correspondence with J. H. Kocman, Petr Štembera, Tomáš Štrauss and Radislav Matuštík from the 1970s.

Editors: Beata Jablonská, Ján Kralovič

Translation, proofreading: Elena and Paul McCullough, Miroslava Valová

Graphic design: Zbyněk Baladrán

ISBN: 978-80-972325-9-7

Publisher: / Judit Angel, director
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Thanks to: Ľubomír Ďurček, Daniel Grúň, Jiří H. Kocman, Jozef Molitor, Zora, Rusinová, Dezider Tóth

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