Open Call for the Woods in the City 1-day residency

Residency & workshop by Foresta Collective

June 4, 2022, 11 am - 5 pm, and other locations in Bratislava

...if your interest, artistic and/or scientific research and/or practice includes inquiries around symbiotic and regenerative coexistence strategies in this world of many worlds...

...if you work and/or would like to engage in a collective practice with diverse human and more-than-human entities...

...if you feel a resonance with embodied practices of knowing, thinking through making and being in liminal urban spaces...

...we would like to offer you the opportunity to join us for a 1-day residency at and in and around Bratislava, and to co-create within the “Woods in the City” research-practice format on Saturday, June 4th between 11 am. - 5 pm. in the context of the Grounding ~ Seeding exhibition, which is part of the “A World of Many Worlds" program.

The residency & workshop will be conducted in English. It will start at and will be followed by an excursion into a liminal urban space and concluded by cooking & eating back at
The event is free of charge.
The residency & workshop are specially designed for students of the arts and humanities, but participants from other fields of interest are also welcome.
To participate, please contact us at by. Please include a few words about why you would like to participate.
The deadline for registering is May 25, 2022. The number of places is limited.

This event will be a shorter version of the Foresta Collective’s Woods in the City program, which explores subjects connecting with “Living in Diversity”. In the context of the World of Many Worlds, it will address the following topics: Reciprocity, Resonance, Borders, Anthropocene, "Alien" species... The participants will explore together how, by practicing a mindset of heightened attention, dignity and care, we can come to a qualitatively new relationship with nature - not submissive and dependent, nor dominant, violent and careless, but a relationship based on mature humility, listening and reciprocity. The session promises to be an immersive experience, a collective practice as a learning format.
The unfurling of Woods will include practices of: * embodied attention, * outdoor sensuous explorations, * getting to know local plants / foraging, * working with materials / thinking-through-making, * cooking and eating together, * converging the experiences gathered during the day, potentially making a collective artwork.

The Foresta Collective is a fluid gathering of humans, among others, that explores the potential for living together in more attentive, regenerative and poetic ways. It is an international learning community that co-creates experiences dedicated to ecosystems through learning towards a multi-layered sustainability mindset.
Core team members, Sabina Enéa Téari and Egor Sviridenko live and work in Berlin.
For more information about the Foresta Collective and their program please visit their webpage:

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