Do we need an Invisible museum?

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Thursday October 24th, 5 pm, Goethe Institute Bratislava

Participants: Judit Angel, Oto Hudec, Emília Rigová, Zuzana Révészová, Renata Berkyová, Karolína Ryvolová, Jana Belišová, Adriana Daneková

Moderator: Laco Oravec

Discussion will be held in Slovak and Czech. has recently published a book whose aim is to reflect on the idea of a museum of Romani culture in Slovakia. This book was conceived as a new format for the further envisioning of the museum together with artists, academics, cultural practitioners and activists working in Slovakia and other European countries. They were asked to bring their contribution in conceptualizing the museum and/or address various aspects of Romani visual arts, culture, history, their positioning within dominant discourses and their relevance in the museum context.

The publication also discusses a need for a new institution conceived from today’s perspective, an institution which goes beyond the traditional ethnographic approach, and is informed by interdisciplinary thinking, de-colonial and feminist theories and practices, and which builds on participation and collaboration.

Graphic Design: Sándor Bartha.
Publisher:, Bratislava, 2019
Pages: 272
Languages: Slovak, Romani, English
ISBN 978-80-972325-7-3

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ERSTE Foundation is main partner of The book was supported by Goethe Institut Bratislava, Slovak Arts Council.

Robert Gabris: Vierka I Die for You, 2014. Copper engraving on paper, Vienna.

Nadikhuno muzeumos / Invisible Museum