D´epog: Farewell, here it comes again!

A performative intervention in the exhibition We've Never Been Closer

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Thursday, 17 March 2022, 6 pm.

Live like a stuntman, the Slovak dream. If you resolve it, there's nothing to love. Today, tomorrow, to the floodgate. Perhaps we were born like this, perhaps it's because we're worth it. On the periphery. On the periphery of a city. Like a region, like a slice. Renounced and the biggest. Go west. Just Do it! Taste the difference! Sweetness in just two calories. We're not ourselves when we're hungry and he who is not hungry is against us. Para-papa-paaam I'm lovinit. Misery is a joy. Héros are miserable. Problems today: where there's a stain there's a way.

A performative intervention in the exhibition Nikdy sme neboli bližšie (We've Never Been Closer) at tranzit, Bratislava. A one-time intervention of the D’epog collective into the reality of early-capitalist Slovakia based on the principles of chance and unpredictability and in direct reaction to the installation's spatial and thematic interface. A loud, utopistic, aware, artistic and sharply activistic gloss set in the local color of poet-revolutionary euphoria and even more post-revolutionary skepticism. A performance on the theme of coping with a responsibility that nobody expected, a probe into the national Inferiority complex and fancy dances about how it feels when freedom surprises you in the middle of the toil of world building. We're the closest. It's the time of iconoclasm when it will be revealed that icons are only iconic from a distance.

CONCEPT: Lucia Repašská
CAST: Radim Chyba, Zdeněk Polák, Janet Prokešová, Zuzana Smutková and Magdalena Straková

D’epog is a platform for contemporary experimental stage work.The company’s activities are of laboratory nature. D’epog explores theatre and explores through theatre. The prime matter through which D’epog articulates its themes are the actor and space.D’EPOG’s work places a strong emphasis on the role of the viewers,the degree of their freedom of interpretation and their participation in shaping the meaning of each performance. D’epog consistently develops the so-called “dramaturgy of space.” In order to push the boundaries of the viewer’s perception, it deliberately experiments with various models of organizing stage space — particularly through auditorium/stage dynamics. D’epog Theatre is comprised of Lucia Repašská (artistic head, director), Matyáš Dlab (dramaturg) and Radim Brychta, Zdeněk Polák, Janet Prokešová and Zuzana Smutková (performers).


D´EPOG: Farewell, here it comes again!
Recording of performative intervention in the exhibition We've Never Been Closer.
Video (Czech).


ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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