The Performativity of a Working Body

Lecture by Ľubica Kobová

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 6:00 p.m., A4, Karpatská 2, Bratislava

The lecture will present Judith Butler’s understanding of performativity as an operation which produces certain bodies in the heteronormative matrix and certain identities with the possibility to subvert themselves. The lecture will explore the question of whether Butler’s performativity theory can help us to understand the formation of working bodies and the possibility to subvert the existing organization of work, and if so, how. Furthermore, it will focus on how to broaden the narrowed understanding of time according to Butler so that performativity as iterability can be complemented by a theory of historical change. The aim of the lecture is to suggest possible directions in thinking of the working body as a body which is created performatively and historically.

Ľubica Kobová (1978) teaches at the Department of Gender Studies of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University in Prague. Her research focus is on feminist political thought and its history and feminist understanding of work and work ethics. In 2019, along with Věra Sokolová, she edited the publication entitled Odvaha nesouhlasit. Feministické myšlení Hany Havelkové a jeho reflexe (The Courage to Disagree. The Feminist Thought of Hana Havelková and Critical Reflections, FHS UK, Praha). She also is a member of the editorial board of Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought and cooperates with Aspekt, the Feminist Publication and Educational Project based in Bratislava.

Event is part of "What a Body Can Do" series organized by and Juraj Mydla. It will be held in Slovak.

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