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December 4, 2019, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

The discussion entitled Vzdela-nie? (Educate-not?) within the Kapitalks series is also part of the program related to the Hidden Curriculum exhibition.

The invited guests will talk about their experience with different educational models in Slovakia, about the methods used for education and their overall impact on children in the future.

It will try to answer various questions regarding the role of inner motivation, respecting communication, the individual approach and the democratic principle in education today, and whether children can learn without forcing them or giving grades and homework.

Furthermore, can children who were previously exposed to an alternative form of teaching adapt to the traditional models of secondary schools and gymnasiums (grammar schools), work and to society in general?

Moderator: Laco Oravec
Participants: Peter Dráľ, Miroslava Kiripolská, Peter Rybanský

Peter Dráľ, is an analyst and lecturer working in the field of education. He is a member of the project team To dá rozum and he cooperates with various non-governmental, academic and research institutions in Slovakia as well as abroad. He is mainly interested in the human rights and intercultural issues, the inclusive education and the means of shaping and financing of the educational systems.

Miroslava Kiripolská, former state school principal, private school co-founder and principal, mentor of the Teach for Slovakia program, member of various reform groups addressing change in the Slovak school system, co-founder of the educational group entitled Edulienka and co-creator of its educational model, guarantor of individual education of children ("home schooling").

Peter Rybanský is a teacher of children aged from 12-15 (the third 3-year stage) at the Private Maria Montessori Elementary School and Kindergarten.

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Servet Kocyigit: Higher Education, 2006, fotografia, wallpaper, 280x400cm.
Courtesy: the artist and Officine dell’Immagine, Milan.