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October 21-22, 2015 in Café Berlinka, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 4
October 23, 2015 in “Sklenofka” Space, Trnava, Trhová 2

The symposium is organized by the Department of Art Education at the Trnava University, Trnava in collaboration with and the Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava. Concluding discussion will be held in Trnava within the experimental, process-based exhibition ADD-SHARE-LEARN organized by teachers and students from the Department of Art Education at the Trnava University, Trnava.

The international symposium CONJUNCTIONS OF CURATING AND ART EDUCATION examines new approaches within contemporary art curating significantly merged with (art) education. Here the education is not considered secondary (additional to the exhibition) but a part of the curatorial strategy or theme. We are interested in a kind of „curatorialisation of education“ which often provides an innovative, more effective model of learning related not to a general audience, but to diverse communities. Our aim is to discuss different possibilities within realized projects successfully merging curating with education, to explore innovative approaches of "expanded curating" as well as education as art projects.

We want to ask questions how rapidly changing museum culture, new exhibition formats and artist´s projects can contribute to alternative learning processes in our societies and fit into local needs. The symposium concentrates on recent methods and effective practices revolving around three topics/sections:

• education through art
• curatorialisation of education
• education of art education.

Curators, educators, artists and students from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia are going to share experiences in curatorial /educational thought. Our aim has been to bring together specialists from several fields - museum and university, curators and educators in art spaces, as well as teachers from art history, curatorial studies, art education departments and artists.

The symposium will be in English.

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General ideas: Mária Orišková
Project curators: Judit Angel, Barbara Balážová, Zuzana Branišová, Mária Orišková

Co-organizers of ADD-SHARE-LEARN exhibition project: Barbara Leschingerová, Andrea Michaličková, Valentína Nídelová, Monika Orihelová, Kristína Slezáková, Veronika Strecká, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Trnava University

Project co-ordinators: Petra Balíková, Lýdia Pribišová

Photo: Štefan Blažo, Zuzana Branišová

ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit
The project is supported by Goethe Institut Bratislava, Polish Institut Bratislava.

Symposium program:

WEDNESDAY, October 21, 2015

9:30 Registration
10:00-10:15 Opening speech (Alexandra Kusá, Slovak National Gallery Bratislava, Mária Orišková, Trnava University, Judit Angel,, Barbara Balážová, Trnava University)

SECTION I. Education Through Art
Claudia Hummel, artist, curator, educator, Institute for Art in Context, Berlin University of the Arts
Mitmachstadt - A Restaging

Dóra Hegyi, curator, art critic,, Budapest
Learning Methods

Franciska Zolyóm, curator, GfZK – Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig
Learning Museum

11:45-12:45 Discussion

13:00-15:00 Lunch (Café Berlinka)

SECTION II. Curatorialisation of Education
Monika Holzer-Kernbichler, art historian, educator, Kunsthaus Graz and Neue Galerie Graz
In Practice: Curating Art Education

Izabela Kowalczyk, art and cultural historian, art critique, curator, University of Arts, Poznan
Exhibition as Reading and Teaching Art

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Hanna Ohtonen, artist, curator, researcher, writer, educator, Helsinki
The Museum that cried "Public"

Petra Šobáňová, educator, researcher, editor, writer, Palacký University, Olomouc
A Museum Exhibition as an Educational Medium. New Innovative Methods in Exhibitions Making and Their Curatorial Concepts

17:30-18:30 Discussion

19:00 Dinner (Café Berlinka)

THURSDAY, October 22, 2015

SECTION III. Education of (Art) Education
Annette Krauss, artist, educator, Utrecht
Unlearning my Library. Investigations into the Privileges of the Subject

Eszter Lázár, curator, educator, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
Turns in Education at Central-Eastern European Art Universities in the 1990s

Mária Orišková, art historian, educator, Trnava University, Trnava
Educating (Art) Educators

11:45-12:45 Discussion

12:45-14:30 Lunch (Café Berlinka)

14:30-16:30 Panel discussion

in which the formulation of questions and the search for answers to them will take place within the framework of the following thematic fields: institutional background of the curating and art education in Slovakia, theoretical and methodological point of view (including of appropriate research methodologies and the possibilities of studying them in Slovakia), practical questions, i.e. local support, financial possibilities, etc.

moderated by

Barbara Balážová, art historian, educator, Trnava University, Trnava


Jana Binder, cultural anthropologist, Goethe Institut Bratislava
Zuzana Branišová, artist, educator, Trnava University, Trnava
Daniela Čarná, educator, curator, Kunsthalle Bratislava
Katarína Gatialová, art historian, curator, and graphic designer, Nová synagóga Žilina, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Žilina
Marcela Kvetková, art historian, art educator, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava
Barbara Leschingerová, student, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Trnava University, Trnava
Andrea Michaličková, student, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Trnava University, Trnava
Michal Murín, artist, teacher, editor/publisher and curator, Academy of Art, Banská Bystrica, Technical University, Košice
Monika Orihelová, student, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Trnava University, Trnava
Kristína Slezáková, student, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Trnava University, Trnava

16:30-17:45 Slovak National Gallery exhibitions visit

18:00-18:30 exhibition visit

19:30 Dinner

FRIDAY, October 23, 2015

11:00 Trnava trip : experimental, process-based exhibition ADD-SHARE-LEARN in Sklenofka Space curated by the artist/educator Zuzana Branišová with participation of the graduate student Valentína Nídelová and students Andrea Michaličková, Barbara Leschingerová, Monika Orihelová, Kristína Slezáková and Veronika Strecká from the Department of Art Education at Trnava University, Trnava

Opening speech (René Bílik, dean of the Faculty of Education, Trnava University, Peter Bročka, mayor of the town Trnava, Blažej Baláž, head of the Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Trnava University)

Image caption:
„Sklenofka" Space, Trnava
Photo: Zuzana Branišová