24th August - 7th September 2007
13 kubikov, tranzit workshops & tranzit ateliers
Studena 12, Zlate piesky, Bratislava, Slovakia

Those who spent the end of last summer in the post-industrial area of the Tranzit initiative near Zlate Piesky in Bratislava know that besides discovering the beauties of the industrial zone, it provides also space for discovering the beauty of information technologies and for the informal and free educational event SUMMER OPEN ACADEMY.
The main organiser, 13 kubikov association, together with several Slovak and international partners, invite from 24th August to 7th September everyone who would like to enrich his or her knowledge and skills by participating in workshops, discussions or collaborative projects where the focus will be on creativity, collaboration and sharing.
Registration of participants had just started...

The two week long programme of this year's Summer Open Academy consists chiefly of workshops facilitated by Slovak and international lecturers (e.g. sound or film composition, audiovisual softwares Lloopp and Pure Data, witing of manifestos, podcast performance, civic activism) and projects and discussion workshops (e.g. radio-bicycles, community wireless networks, reflection of the visual culture). Projects and discussions became an essential part of the program this year and thus guide the focus of Summer Open Academy from gaining knowledge and skills to further developing of the abilities of learning, collaboration, discussion and surpassing the limits of one's own ideas and pre-conceptions. This can be a challenge even for those who think they had learned everything at school...
Apart from the workshop programme, there will also be evening programmes of performances (resulting or not from the workshops), screenings, concerts and partys.

The programme of Summer Open Academy is continually updated, the latest information about workshops, lecturers and location can be found at website, where the participants can also register for free.

Summer Open Academy is organised by 13 kubikov; partners of the project are: Mlok, ScArt, Nextlab and okno; on the realisation cooperate:, A4 - zero space, Info@police, Atrakt Art; supported by: International Visegrad Fund,, Vnet, okno and others.


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