1966 - 1972 Milan Tittel, Matej Gavula, Daniel Grúň, Miroslav Csölle

Milan Tittel - Matej Gavula Daniel Grúň Miroslav Csolle

"The exhibition of Slovak artists – Matej Gavula (1972) and Milan Tittel
(1966) – working together in Bratislava since 1997. This show will also
contain a projected text artwork by Daniel Grúň and an opening
performance of Miroslav Csölle. Daniel Grúň as an art theorist
systematicly explores the ways in which Tittel and Gavula are working
and using the term of sculpture in variety of contemporary forms of
visual art. Installation, video, photography, performance, object…are
consistently employed in the elaboration of their conceptual work - their
work is of hybrid nature. They often cooperate with other artists – mostly
with Miroslav Csölle, Roman Ondák, Cyril Blažo; but this exhibition will be
special just by the fact that it will be presentation only of new works.
Both of these artists (Gavula-Tittel) focus on the daily routine in their
work - staging and documenting fictitious situations, and using art as a
medium to draw the viewer’s attention to the world of objects,
phenomena and situations from everyday life."
Exhibtion will consist of documentation of actions - six video screenings
and some artefacts mainly in vitrines.

shuttle bus from SNM: 5.30 pm
back:8.30 pm

exhibition until 30 of June 2013

open: thursday - friday 3-5 pm, saturday 2-6 pm
or by appointement:
+421 908 201 507

tranzit. sk is supported by
Erste Foundation

exhibition is supported by Nay elektrodom

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