Insurgent Skinships

Inaugural lecture by Serina Tarkhanian Սերինա Թարխանյան /

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Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

Exhibition at tranzit sk /

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Matter is a verb

Workshop with Anetta Mona Chişa on crafting stories for materials /

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Staying with the Unstable

Performance /

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Limits of Stability

Interdisciplinary conversation within the framework of the “Solid is only a Word” exhibition /

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River Ceremony / Listening to the Plants Symposium

Performance by Lucie Králíková at Karloveská zátoka /

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Rooting Studies / Listening to the Plants Symposium

Workshop with Daniela Brasil /

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Screening of films by Uriel Orlow / Listening to the Plants Symposium

Film screening with video introduction by Author /

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Daisies (Becoming a garden/ a plant/ a transplant) / Listening to the Plants Symposium

performance by Jana Zatvarnická and Zuzana Žabková performance at park of Faculty of Pharmacy /

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Listening to the Plants

Symposium curated by Judit Angel and Lýdia Pribišová / Organized by and Kunsthalle Bratislava /

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Dana Tomečková: Solid is only a Word

Exhibition project /

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mutual education format /

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